Strutton discusses schedule changes

      As the second semester starts here at DMS, that also means that students can now change their schedules and switch old electives that they may not be happy with to new ones. 

      We talked to Rodney Strutton, the head principal here at DMS, about the recent schedule change requests. Here is what he had to say…

Rodney Strutton smiles for a picture taken by Ayden Belveal

      “So far we have looked at about 50 schedule change requests, with about 15 that actually went through and were changed. 8th grade seems to be the grade with the most requests, but 6th grade has had the most processed.” he claimed. 

He ended the interview by saying “Schedule changes are an unavoidable headache. We have changes that need to be made, but we also have those that take up our time simply because a student wants to be moved to a class with their friends. We just do not have enough elective classes to have the freedom to move people easily. Our elective classes are full so there is very little space to move students.”

      With the first semester ending and a new one beginning, DMS is ready to close out the school year strong. Let us know if you are happy with your schedule in the comments section down below! If you have any story ideas email us at [email protected]!