Science and STEM students get a special visitor

Ady Meek, Academics

In a picture taken by Ady Meek, Davis Loafman talks to the 2nd hour STEM and science students about high school STEM.

     Yesterday, January 22, 2020, the DMS 8th grade science and STEM students got a special visitor from the high school. 

      Davis Loafman, the high school STEM teacher here at Duncan, came and visited the students to talk to them about doing high school STEM. 

     He explained how STEM worked, and showed different projects that his high school students have completed.

     He explained that for his freshman students, he teaches Introduction to Engineering and Pre-AP Biology. Each of these two freshman courses give students one technology credit to go toward high school graduation requirements. 

     He also talked about all of the different projects he does with his freshman students, including a variety of different 3D-printed projects, and many different hands-on activities that his students perform. 

     For his students that make it to his sophomore class, he teaches Principles of Biomedical Science, which is meant to prepare students for AP biology at the Red River Technology Center, also known as the Votek.  

     If you are interested in doing high school STEM, the counselors will be here tomorrow (Friday January 24) during WIN to explain all of the classes and hand out enrollment papers, so make sure to sign up and turn them in so that you can get all of the classes you want!