Students give their opinions on state testing

Ayden Belveal , Chelsea Castro, and Ady Meek

With the first month of the second semester coming to an end, that means a very dreaded thing is approaching students here at DMS; state testing.

As most of us know, all middle school students must take (and pass) all the required tests provided by the state to advance to the next grade level. The tests are usually held in late April or early May. 

All though all of the tests are super important for all middle school students, the 8th grade students have a lot to prepare for, because failing the 8th grade reading test means they will not be able to get their driver’s license at 16. 

Although every student has to take the same test, most students have their own opinion, preparation methods, and studying methods before the test. 

We spoke to 6th grader, Cecil Jones, and he said, “I feel nervous for the test. To study for the test I get paper to write on and study all of my notes. This year I feel kinda prepared for the test. I think the test is important because they help you pass your grade to get to the next one.” 

We also spoke to 7th grader Jackson Simpson in regards to the

topic, and he said, “Before the test I just try to breathe to prepare for them. I feel pretty prepared for the tests this year because I study for them before we take them.”

The last person we spoke to 8th grader, Emma Hamilton, had a very different opinion over the topic. She claimed, “I feel very scared for the tests because I don’t know if I am going to pass. I don’t feel like I will be prepared for the tests because I don’t ever study before

them, I just go to sleep early to prepare for them. I think the science and math tests are a waste of time, but I think the reading test is important.” 

What do you do to prepare for the tests? Let us know in the comment section down below, or email us at [email protected]